Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Challenge # 8

Hari ini kita akan menerokai dunia ‘layer’. Mungkin ramai yang sudah biasa dengan teknik ini. Layering adalah teknik melapis perbagai kertas /ppsebelum photo dan embellishment. PP disusun berlapis dan dalam pelbagai corak dan warna bagi menghasilkan tekstur yang menarik.

Maklumat lanjut mengenai layering dari
“ Decide on the types and colours of papers that you would like to use. Try to think about the texture and the effect you are trying to create and co-ordinate the colours to give a unified effect. You can cut the edges in a square or any other shape with a sharp pair of scissors, try using deckle edged scissors or a different variety of patterned edged scissors as they can create and completely different look to your card or scrapbook page or you could even tear the paper for a different look again. To layer vellum, you could use eyelets or brads to fasten them as glue can make the paper bubble, you could also use vellum tape as this does not show through. Play around with different mediums for your matting and layering as well to see the different effects you can create with materials such as: Funky foam, Hessian, fabric, handmade papers, cork, thin sheet metal as they can add texture and depth to your design. In order to achieve the desired effect the papers should be in a complimentary shape but in different sizes so they can be layered on top of one another. You can use as many layers as you desire. Once you have decided on the layers, carefully adhere them into place. Or if you wish to create a three-dimensional image use foam pads or silicone glue between one or more of your layers.”

Point : 15

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